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XADO GREASE PROTECTIVE - GUN CATRIDGE is is recommended for lubricating new machinery and parts with up to 10% wear. XADO Protective Grease is formulated for lubrication and effective wear protection.

Manufacturer number: XA 32001
Manufacturer: XADO - Ukraine
Quantity: 1 x 450 ml

Due to XADO Revitalizant the protective cermet layer grows on the crystal lattice of the metal surface. It also has an increased adhesive behavior, water-repellent property and corrosion resistance. This grease is a universal substitute for all regular greases, as well as for special greases (e.g. grease for CV joints, etc). EP complex ensures the stability of grease properties under extreme loads. 

  • Extends life span of joints
  • Compensates 10% wear
  • Restores scratches and micro-cracks
  • Reduces noise and vibration
  • Improves the treatment coefficient Ra up to 0,06 mkm
  • Rejects heat from friction area
  • Protects units from hostile environment.
  • Remove cap and protective seal
  • Install cartridge into grease gun.
  • With pressurized application. Add Grease through  the grease fitting until the desired grease volume is reached. 
  • Manual application. Remove the old grease and fill 1/2 of the bearing volume with XADO protective Grease.
  • The product is compatible with automotive and industrial lithium greases of all types, can be mixed with them in any proportion
  • It is recommended for joints and bearings of cars, industrial, agricultural and other equipment with a wear rate of up to 10%
  • The grease is especially effective for protection of bearings from wear (up to 10,000.00 rpm)
  • Recommended for new assemblies and parts.


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