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ATOMEX TOTAL FLUSH is a new advanced engine flush oil system flush to effectively clean and protect all aspects of your engine oil system. AtomEx Total Flush engine flush oil can be used in Petrol, Diesel and LPG engines and will also clean the engine piston rings of carbon deposits. AtomEx Total Flush engine flushing oil also contains revitalizant.

Manufacturer number: XA 40613
Manufacturer: XADO - Ukraine
Quantity: 1 x 250ml


Cleans engine oil system to level that is almost as good as new
Removes carbon deposits and restores mobility of stuck piston rings
Effective in all types of engines, including turbo-supercharged engines
Creates a protective coating on all lubricated engine parts wear and tear.

As cleaning agent:

Safely and carefully cleans the engine oil system removing all types of contaminants and carbon deposits, to a level that is almost as good as new
Removes carbon and resins deposits form the piston rings and cylinder wall cross hatch honing
Removes carbon deposits from stuck oil-scraper and compression rings, restoring their mobility
Cleans the crankcase ventilation system
Eliminates effect of hydraulic lash adjusters, valve lifter, tappets from sticking;
Can be used in petrol, LPG and diesel engines, specially tested for turbo-supercharged engines.

As revitalizant:

Forms a strong anti-wear CERMET coating on all engine lubricated friction parts whilst flushing takes place
Protects all engine lubricated parts from further wear and tear.


Warm up the engine to the normal working temperature, then turn engine off.
Empty AtomEx TotalFlush engine flushing oil in to the engine oil filler neck.
Start the car and let the engine idle for 10-15 minutes or drive 20 km (20 miles).
For deep cleaning and removal of carbon from piston rings, drive 150-200 km, to ensure the engine oil system is cleaned effectively and all the carbon removed from the piston rings.


1 bottle (250 mL) per 4-5 liters of engine oil.


The product is compatible with all types of motor oils, safe for turbocharging assemblies.


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