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XADO 1 Stage MAXIMUM TWIN TURBO Engine Restoration Oil Additive Treatment

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TOMIC METAL CONDITIONER MAXIMUM TWIN TURBO WITH COMPLEX ADAPTIVE 1 STAGE REVITALIZANT is a special edition product with an innovative 4-component new generation product which combines advantages of metal conditioner, 2D sliding agent and complex adaptive Revitalizant®.
The product heals damages of the friction surface up to 0.2 mm depth, due to the newest technology of the complex adaptive Revitalizant®

Manufacturer number: XA 40028
Manufacturer: XADO - Ukraine
Quantity: 1 x 360 ml


  • Restores surfaces of parts and compensates the ongoing wear;
  • Levels and increases compression in cylinders;
  • Increases pressure in the oil system up to the nominal one;
  • Creates the active system of parts protection from loads and overheating;
  • Reduces noise and vibrations;
  • Improves oil lubricating properties and tribological characteristics of the engine assemblies;
  • Increases the service life span of the engine;
  • Reduces fuel consumption;
  • Increases engine capacity and acceleration capability.


  1. The temperature of the compound before application should not be lower than +25 °C.
  2. Shake the bottle;
  3. Introduce the compound into the oil filler neck of the engine, warmed up to the operating temperature;
  4. Start the engine and idle it for 3–5 minutes;
  5. Drive your car in regular mode.


Specially designed for engines of cars. The product can also be applied to light trucks, micro-buses and engines of other equipment with the oil system capacity of 3–10

Compatible with all types of motor oils.
Revitalization® takes place during 1,000–1,200 km (600–760 miles) of run. It is not recommended to change oil during this period.
The repeated application of AMC Maximum Twin Turbo is recommended after 100,000 km of run
The product contains granules of atomic Revitalizant®, which completely dissolve in motor oil under operating temperature.


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