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SPECTRUM Synthetic Polishing Wax Pack contains a bottle of 700ML with a manual spray and a microfiber cloth. The unique synthetic wax of the K2 "GOLD" line. Thanks to it without any slight effor you will polish the car giving it a deep mirror luster. Just spray and wipe the surface without having to wait for the wax to dry. Polishes very lightly and does not leave white streaks. Suitable for polishing all types of varnishes. Removes dust, fingerprints, water, limescale. Can be used on hot and not completely dry surfaces. This product has a large range of applications. In addition to car care, It is also ideal for plastic trim, lanterns, panels, tires, leather and glass. Due to its special properties it canbe used at home or office. Leather furniture, windows, plastic parts, lcd screens, glasses. etc. It has a pleasant and long lasting aroma. does not leave scratches or stains on a polished surface. Contains no silicone.


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