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GRAVON CERAMIC DYNAMICS Ceramic coating is known as the most durable protective coating in the world for painted and other surfaces. This coating provides the highest level of protection even when compared to the most resistant varnishes. Covering the surface of the Gravon ceramic coating, a clear and invisible layer of 2-3 microns forms. Thanks to this body, the body of the car or other surface will be completely protected from any external influences. Technology With the latest technology, we have developed the product for the greatest car enthusiasts, ensuring 100% satisfaction with the end result. The K2 Gravon product is one of the most innovative products in the world, with which the K2 Company is proudly proud. The K2 Gravon has been developed in accordance with nanotechnology, thus ensuring the best result in the world. Advantages K2 tool Gravon's surface protection against scratches, dirt, UV rays, sand salts, bird droppings, rain and wood sores, insect residual, corrosion and mechanical effects caused by rolling stones during traffic. This tool also protects against scratches that affect the surface's shine. Thanks to the ceramic coating, it is no longer necessary to wax the car. Moreover, when the vehicle is covered with this tool, there is a dirt repellency effect, which will also reduce the frequency of washing the car. This measure of wax differs by the fact that the Gravon ceramic coating does NOT use chemicals, which is the most reliable known way to protect the car's surface.


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